With the opening of the Gaasperdammertunnel getting ever closer, I thought it a good idea to share some photo’s I could make during an organised Instawalk bij Rijkswaterstaat.

This tunnel is part of a much larger project that aims to increase road and rail capacity between Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Almere en Lelystad. For the rail network it is called the SAAL project, and for the road they stop at Almere, so they’re just calling it SAA. More information can be found at the links.

I have had an interest in infrastructure since for as long as I can remember. This interest morphed into a fascination after reading somewhere that these works are the cathedrals of these times. Enormous projects that find the limits of current knowledge and capabilities, funded in large by public money. You can (with some stretching of the imagination) even claim that these structures are build to worship the gods of commerce, economy and travel.

So when I had the opportunity to visit the 3 kilometer long land tunnel build to the south-east of Amsterdam, I immediately said yes! During this walk I (and the other photographers that were also invited) were allowed into several of the tunnels, including an escape tunnel. In the middle we were also allowed into the control center. When everything is finished, this building will only be used during maintenance. The actual control happens in a central location.

Enough of me rambling. Enjoy the photos!

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