Burgers’ Zoo

Visiting a zoo is almost a cliche for a lot of photographers. Especially those just doing it as a hobby. While walking around there is so much to see, and just about every other shot requires a different technique to get what you want.

This is a realization that only came afterwards. While walking around Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem I was just enjoying all the environments and animals that were contained in there. But while processing them I found out how many different settings I had to use in all the different sections of the park.

For example when shooting birds in the bush you will need fast shutter speeds and quick focus actions to catch the fast moving buggers when they stop for a few moments on a branch. The fish also require higher sensor sensitivity. And then in the desert and rocky areas there is need for higher dynamic range.

All in all, if you need practice, go visit a zoo. And I really liked Burgers’ Zoo.

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