Holiday on bikes

A fantastic vacation, spending two weeks with some friends on bikes while crossing Belgium and most of France. I never imagined it would be as awesome and challenging as it turned out to be.

See all the way down for a map with the GPS track we followed. The last bit is missing because I had car duty that day. With everything combined we cycled about 900km per person over a 12 day period. With car duty days we traveled a total of 1200km.

Something that I hadn’t realised when we started, cycling 100km each day is really tiring. Especially on those days when there a are mechanical issues with the bikes and it is raining. Those days really test the friendships, but in the end the personal connection will be stronger.

On our bikes we slowly saw the landscape change while moving. Different materials used in buildings and other choices in crops. Some days were cycling on flat lands, other days were spent climbing and descending.

The end in the city of Bordeaux was rewarding. It is a beautiful city with lot still to be discovered. Some place to return to, possibly by bike.


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