A study of Duivendrecht station

The small village of Duivendrecht has a long and rich history. With a lot of rich farmlands and easy access to water it was a prime supplier of geese, fish and other food to the counts of Holland.

With the close proximity of Amsterdam is wasn’t long until the whole village was surrounded by their much larger and richer neighbour. To increase the ability of reaching Amsterdam extra rail tracks were build during the 90’s. Including the transfer station of Duivendrecht.

This building is made out of steel, glass and concrete. You can clearly see the planological ideas from the 70’s and 80’s made manifest in this construction. The large scale constructions with materials that these days mostly infer oppression and emotional distance.

I have spent some trying to capture in photos what I feel like the essence of this construction. Sometime it is really in your face, other times it seems to almost disappear into the landscape.

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